Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Tires

A couple days ago, my daughter saw me mounting my new white Vittoria Randonneur tires, and commented, "Oh! You're putting on your summer tires!" Yep! Of course, they'll have to come off after Labor Day...

I acquired some white ones, just for kicks and giggles, because they were the same price as the black ones. (And possibly they might contribute ever so slightly to my being visible.) After a couple days, I'm a bit disappointed - I didn't know the roads had dirty stuff on 'em! At least the sidewalls are still pretty white...

The old tire finally came to the end of the line... when the tread of your [black] tire is no longer black because the stuff underneath the tread is showing through, that's the sign. (That tire - a 700x32 Vittoria Randonneur - lasted an incredible 4016 miles... on back! And on top of that, in all those miles I had two flats TOTAL!! Yep - definitely my favorite tire.) (Anybody wanna buy a tire pump? HAHAHAHA!)

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