Saturday, July 9, 2011

9 Months Straight!

October 10, 2010 thru July 9, 2011 ... that may be the only episode of my life in which I accumulate some bicycle miles every single day for nine consecutive months. I haven't left town for more than 1 night in all that time, and unless I spend the whole day "abroad," I've lately been trying to ride every day.

Now I admit... a few of those days have seen rides that were only done to "keep the streak alive" because of time constraints, conflicting duties, etc.

Of course, all streaks eventually come to an end... and today is the day. For you see, the asphalt ribbon beckons seductively. I'm going to straddle the other 2-wheeled contraption that vies for my attention - the motorcycle - and spend some "quality time" rumblin' down the highways and byways. (Specifically the Oregon and NoGollyfornia coast and points in between.)

[NOTE: If you're one of those Facebook burglars we've heard about, who preys on the folks who announce their departure and burglarizes their houses during their absence... fuggeddaboudit! The house will be occupied for the duration. And the occupants are heavily armed, with clear instructions to make sure your body falls into the house instead of ouside the house... for legal purposes, you know.]

Hasta la vista, baby. I'll be bach.

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