Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hawk attacks cyclists in E. Oregon

I've commented before on my bird observations. Audubon I'm not... but every now and then, a bird and bicyclist cross paths in interesting ways.

On July 4th I was riding east of town, when an enthusiastic blackbird aggressively defended his nesting area. I tried to reason with him, in English, explaining to him I wasn't there to rob his nest.

Over in Pendleton, cyclists are being targeted by a bigger and scarier aggressor - a hawk! Story HERE. A swainson's hawk swoops down on 'em and smacks 'em on the brain bucket. One guy said it was like a baseball bat whackin' his lid. Another guy is sporting talon-holes. (Better the bucket than his skull, huh?) One more reason why a helmet is a good idea!

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