Monday, July 18, 2011

Bike-commuters beat Jet-commuters

This is pretty funny.

In the great Los Angeles Basin - not exactly a stronghold for transportation cycling - JetBlue Airlines was promoting a $4 fare (!) for a flight from the Burbank Airport to the Long Beach Airport. (I'm assuming it must've been some kind of promotion, since I can't imagine a plane even taking off, let alone going someplace, for $4 per passenger.)

Somebody threw down the gauntlet - challenged cyclists to race the airplane from the one airport to the other.

A cycle group called the "Wolfpack Hustle" made the trip in about an hour and a half.

The advertised flight time for the JetBlue is 20 minutes. But then factor in the trip to the airport, the arrival at least an hour before departure time, etc., etc. - "by the time the plane took off, the cyclists were already in Long Beach." Sweeeet!

Story HERE.

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