Friday, June 10, 2016

Cowboy catches bike-rustler

Here's a feel-good story for anybody who's had a bike stolen.

Over in Eagle Point, OR (out of Medford), a thief was making off with a bike from the rack out front of Walmart.  Heroics ensued.

The first heroes were bystanders in the parking lot who noticed, and "began shouting and calling attention to the theft."  Makes me want to live in Eagle Point!!

But then the story turned almost larger-than-life.  A guy just happened to have his horse in a trailer... he chased the thief down on the horse and lassoed him, and held him for the cops.  (Too bad there wasn't a hangin' tree nearby, like in the olden days!)

Story HERE.

That cowboy's work might be done in Eagle Point... and he may have ridden off into the sunset.  But wherever there are low-life bushwackin' bike rustlers, hopefully he can be around!