Friday, December 31, 2021

End-of-year observations

Wow!  Can 2021 already be in the rearview?  Well, GOOD RIDDANCE!

I'm happy to report that I hit the 5000-mile mark for the year, just days ago.  (I was motivated by the odometer... put the fat, treaded tires on the mountain bike to get some miles in, on the snowy/icy roads I was dealt for the past week or so.)  Also significantly, I did it over 319 "riding days."  (Went on several out-of-town adventures over the course of the year.  Including being away for most of November in New Jersey, attending to the birth of my twin granddaughters, Betsy and Bria.)

Since I retired (March 2019), I've gravitated to more riding on our "Crown Jewel," the Boise River Greenbelt.  Ironically, it's often not pleasant on beautiful summer days, when it's jammed with "amateurs"... but since I enjoy the luxury of daytime riding, I can go when conditions are ideal.  (And I'm blessed to think of a wide range of conditions as acceptable... if it's above 40 degrees and below 100 degrees, and not precipitating or gale-force winds, I'm generally comfortable enough.  Those "amateurs" seek shelter when it gets below 65 or above 80... or so it seems.)

A major trend I've observed... a proliferation of ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES on the Greenbelt!  If it were only old geezers like me, or people who are lugging kids and groceries, I'd say more power to 'em!  But there are lots of people who are seemingly young and able-bodied, who are abandoning the benefit of EXERCISE that pedaling a traditional bicycle provides.  (A major incentive for me to ride my bicycle is the physical exertion, and the resultant health and emotional benefit.)  PEDALING IS HARD!  /sarcasm

I'm happy with the recovery I've experienced, from my 2020 Achilles' tendon injury.  My right leg strength isn't back to pre-injury level, but I believe I'm still having incremental improvement... and functionally I'm back to full operation.  Heck!  I bicycled 5000 miles... motorcycled 5000 miles... climbed lots of hills and ladders and stairs... hiked a few miles.  Unassisted!

May 2022 be a better year.  If we can put the little blue paper masks behind us, THAT will be better!

Sometime in the first 4 or 5 months of 2022, I'll hit the 200,000 mile mark (since I started keeping track, in 1986).  If I ride 4800 miles, that's 400 per month.  5200 - 100 miles per week.  And of course the numbers with lots of zeros are good milestones.  (I don't intend to cut back, but I've slowed down considerably from 30 years ago, and I have the luxury of leaving town on a whim... when I go, often the bike has to stay home.)  Que serĂ¡.

Be healthy and safe, and KEEP THE SHINY SIDE UP!