Thursday, June 30, 2011

Doctor makes house calls on his bike

A doctor still makes house calls? In 2011?

Dr. Tony Ohotto, a geriatric specialist in Portland, makes house calls on his bike! Story HERE. He is joined by Kevin Callahan, a therapist, as they visit oldsters around Portland.

That is too cool!

Callahan travels almost exclusively by bike. Ohotto splits bike trips and carpooling with other medical staffers. I s'pose if your doctor told you to get more exercise, it would mean more if he arrived on his bike, than if he arrived in his Mercedes-Benz.

My dad was a doctor, and one of the last I knew of who would make house calls when the situation warranted it. (I remember his big tan leather "doctor bag." I sat in the car on a few occasions while he visited a patient. Yeah... he went in a car, rather than on a bike.)

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