Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boise Bicycle Project goings-on

The Boise Bicycle Project is an awesome endeavor.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit I never stepped foot inside the place until perhaps 6 months ago. Since then, I've dropped in regularly for various reasons... usually in search of parts. Granddaughter Mackie has accompanied me a couple times. Stanley the shop dog intimidates her a little... for no other reason than they are close to eye-level with one another.

Their main focus is on recycling bicycles and bike parts. And getting bikes underneath kids who don't have one.

But they do a lot more than that. And a lot more than I was aware of.

Jimmy Hallyburton, the director of the place, recently wrote in to Boise Weekly: " I could go in-depth about the 1,200 students that BBP and SR2S taught bicycle safety to in the month of May, or the two straight weeks of Bike-in events from June 10-25 during Pedal 4 the People. I could explain how we collaborated with the Idaho Transportation Department to make and implement a Sharing the Road video into 300 different drivers' ed programs, and how we certified 12 new LCI instructors to teach safe riding practices throughout the state. BBP hasn't put in any bike lanes, but we've recycled about 3,500 bicycles and taught countless numbers of people about safety and repair."

Talk about making a difference! Hats off, BBP! (My new favorite Local Bike Shop.)

They haven't asked for much in return... but right now their hand is out. They are trying to raise $115K so they can buy the building they are currently leasing. They are in the midst of some very creative fund-raising efforts; tomorrow (6/16) there will be a Poster Party at 217 S. 11th Street. (31 artists designed a bike-themed poster; limited-edition prints will be for sale to raise funds.)

I encourage one and all to hook up with one of their fundraisers, and get familiar with their facility. They are here to stay, and hopefully soon in their very own real estate!

Sadly, I just read that some lowlife broke into their facility last weekend and stole $1000 worth of cash and merchandise. I wish Stanley had been there to bite him on the arse!

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Clancy said...

There are some other bike events sponsored by Boise Bike Project via Pedal for the People in the next week and half.

I too encourage others to get involved down at the BBP. I volunteer most Wed. evening from 6-8pm.