Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Bike Fun!

My granddaughter and I have a daunting task in front of us ... in the three summer months, we intend to visit every public playground in Boise. By bicycle.

Daunting - why?

Boise has 44 city-park playgrounds listed on the website. Garden city has 2 or 3. Plus - most of the elementary schools have a playground. Plus - there are few playgrounds in church yards and other quasi-public places.

The closest is across the street - we visit it several times a week anyway. The farthest from us are 10 miles or more. We'll need to build up some momentum to get to those! (And hopefully pick days when it's not 100 degrees.)

We're off to a decent start - since the beginning of June, we've already visited 17 playgrounds. (Mackie gets upset with me when, after a 10-minute stop, I say, "Okay - we've gotta go." But when we're headed for another playground, she's pretty quick to forgive.)

Whittier School:
Playground - Whittier-School

Manitou Park:
Playground - Manitou-Park

Liberty School:
Playground - Liberty-School

Phillippi Park:
Playground - Phillippi-Park

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