Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bike Nazi hits the airwaves!!

Does anybody still listen to radio? Besides me?

(Some of the youngstas are asking themselves, "What's radio??")

On Saturday morning, bright and early at 7am MDT, I've been invited to be on "Weekend Idaho with Doug McConnaughey" on KBOI radio, 670 on the AM dial. The topic is supposed to be "transportation cycling." (Give me a soapbox and a megaphone, and I love to "preach the word"!!)

I've listened to Doug for a long time, early (5-8am) on Saturday and Sunday mornings. His program is quite relaxed and not "hot headed" like most talk radio. It's a call-in show, with guests and a wide variety of topics, mostly "local" topics as opposed to ranting about Washington, D.C. And I particularly like it because he plays an eclectic mix of music, as well.

If you're interested in listening, but don't have a radio, or are outside of broadcast range, it can be heard on the web HERE.

Doug frequently gives the phone numbers to call in - DO IT if you feel so inclined! (Don't call just to whine about those crazy bike riders, though.)


If that weren't enough, also this weekend is the "Boise Rec Fest" at Ann Morrison Park. I'm helping staff a "Citizens for an Open Greenbelt" booth. The COG group is working - now in the courts - to get a short stretch of Garden City Greenbelt opened for bicycle use. It's currently closed to cyclists, even though the state deeded the land to Garden City with the stipulation that it be maintained as a "bike path." (Ironically, I've never seen the stretch of path in question - it's on the north side of the Boise River, west of Glenwood Street. But the Greenbelt is supposed to be a multi-modal path - including bicycles - so that's why I somehow got into the fight.)

Anthing bike-related will probably be mostly "toy-bike"-related at something called the "Rec Fest." But most toy bikes could also conceivably be used for transportation.

Come by and see me from 1-5pm. (The weather should be perfect for outdoors stuff, and there are a lot of other goings on at Ann Morrison Park. Saturday and Sunday - my shift is on Saturday.)

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