Friday, September 3, 2010

Powered by Spin Bike

I confess I've always harbored a bit of disdain for "exercise bikes." You know - the kind that are stationary, in a room.

My attitude is because of personal experience... one winter I decided to join the "company gym" and ride the exercise bikes on cold winter days. For me, it was the equivalent of "hamster on a treadmill." I just couldn't do it more than a few times; I sorely missed the scenery going by and the weather in my face.

But lo and behold, suddenly stationary bikes have become useful!

A new gym opened in San Diego, with spin-bike-powered dynamos. The power generated by those toned, sweaty bodies is put back on the grid.

Story HERE.

They plan on adding elliptical generator bikes... as well as doing "green" projects like cleaning up the beach, to achieve a "carbon neutral" footprint. No word on whether they'll be able to neutralize all the environmental damage done, as the spin people drive to the gym in their Volvos and Subarus.


Roger J. Schmidt said...

Spinning is not for everyone. For one who enjoys outdoor scenery, spinning is simply not enjoyable.However, it can be very beneficial during rough weather conditions.

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