Thursday, September 30, 2010

Endless Summer

We are having a fantastic late summer!

This evening, Mackie and I took advantage of the warm day to go on a toad hunt. (Actually we found toads a couple weeks back; we returned to gather a couple for a "sleepover." We'll take 'em back home after a couple days.)

We also rode through Julia Davis Park, because Mackie has been hankerin' to sit on Abe's lap. This is an awesome bronze statue; it was designed by Gutzon Borglum.

Have you heard of Gutzon? He's an Idaho boy - was born in St. Charles, down Bear Lake way.

Still haven't heard of him?

Okay... Mount Rushmore? He's the Mount Rushmore guy. (NOT Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, or Roosevelt!)


Clancy said...

Great post and she is a cutie

Bikeboy said...

Amazingly, the toads survived 4 days with us! In a wheelbarrow with some water and a few rocks and sticks. And with Mackie "checking" on them several times a day. (I was afraid they might get loved to death.)

We took 'em home last night. With a little luck we can return in the spring and find BIG toads where we left little toads.

Clancy said...

My kids kept a big toad a couple of days in a metal washtub. I too thought it might get loved to death.