Thursday, September 9, 2010

Defusing Road Rage, Part 2

This week, over at the, Bill Schneider lists five ways motorists can defuse road rage for cyclists. He's right on, IMO.

1) Accept it. (That cyclists are legitimately and legally on the road.)
2) Share the road, not the lane. He gives some good common-sense advice about passing cyclists safely, and with a minimum of stress.
3) Understand why cyclists do things. (Like riding away from parallel-parked cars, not riding in the gutter pan, etc.)
4) Cut them some slack.
5) Appreciate the effort.

On its own, this little essay might seem like just another rant from another uppity ten-speed rider... but a week ago he told cyclists what they oughtta be doing to improve the karma out there.

If you have a motorist friend who struggles with the notion of bikes on the roads, this might be a good one to share. Be safe - and courteous!

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