Monday, September 20, 2010

Do the Amish ride bikes?

That question just occurred to me.

Jay Leno recently joked that according to the Census Bureau, the Amish religion has grown by 10% in just 2 years.

"Those aren't Amish! Those are just people who had their power shut off and their cars repossessed!"

It put me to wonderin'.

The Amish shun electricity and internal combustion, and 'most everything high-tech. I can't help but wonder what their sentiment is toward bicycles. Do they own and ride bikes? (Perhaps just single-speed bikes with coaster brakes and balloon tires.)


Josh said...

Certain sects are anti-bike, but most of them of pro-roller blading. Weird, right?

Brent said...

Most Amish typically travel by horse-drawn carriage. The only wheeled person-powered conveyance I've witnessed growing up in the area is a type of large-wheeled scooter. Here's one

Though uncommon, apparently bicycles are allowed.

Anonymous said...

where i live (sarasota, florida) they tend to ride trikes. big, adult-sized trikes.

Michael said...

Would an Amish or Mennonite consider using a Zigo Leader Carrier Bike for transportation with their kids? I just got back from Lancaster, PA and seems it would be perfect.