Monday, September 20, 2010

New driver's license!

My hair is brown!

(I've asked my granddaughter what color my hair is - she says "I don't know." I don't recognize it on the floor on haircut day; I s'pose it's half brown and half gray. But the driver's license lady renewed it as "brown.")

Yep - on Friday I got my new driver's license. I actually have a Commerical Driver's License. Pretty good for a bike rider, huh? A neghbor lady up the street once said to me, "I saw you driving - I didn't realize you knew how to drive!"

You fill out the form. You take a vision test. You pay your money. You get your photo snapped, and walk out with new plastic.

To me, it's a little sobering that there is absolutely no test - either written or actual - of driving skills. Yeah, that would complicate things, and goes against my general "small government" philosophy. But at the same time, if you want the privilege of piloting a 4000-pound steel missile around on public roads, shouldn't you have demonstrable ability?

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