Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Broncos on Bikes!

Boise State University, known the world over (?) for the shimmering blue football field, is becoming more bike friendly.

Check it out:

At last Saturday's Broncos vs. (OSU) Beavers game, free valet bicycle parking was provided at a bike corral, just steps from the stadium entrance.

The news release says, "The popularity of the Bike Corral far exceeded expectations and Transportation and Parking Services looks forward to providing and even expanding this service during upcoming home football games and future large campus events."

I love it! (For the record, the last time I had football tickets at BSU, I rode my bike to every game. Chained my bike to the stadium fence. Enjoyed quiet greenbelt riding, to and from the stadium gate.)

Besides the special event parking, tomorrow (Sept. 30) a new permanent "Bike Barn" opens in one of the on-campus parking garages, with 65 controlled-access bike parking spaces. It costs $15 per semester. Compare that with the cost of parking a car in the garage - Employees $158/year, Students $106/year. (Those are "general" rates - reserved are a lot more.)

Of course, free parking is available in racks all over campus... and those racks are likely closer to the destination. The upside of the Bike Barn is - bikes are out of the weather, and obviously less likely to draw the attention of vandals or bike thieves.

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