Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Water's risin'

In these parts, the Boise River typically runs high this time of year, as they try to make room for the spring snowmelt in the reservoirs upstream. And of course, the Greenbelt runs alongside the River... which is currently lappin' at the edges in places, and even spilling over.

On Sunday, I pulled my granddaughter under the Broadway bridge, boldly entering forbidden territory. (There was a "closed" sign at each end. I rode down to where the water crossed the path. There was a pretty good crowd, and it looked pretty obvious that the water wasn't more than maybe 3 inches deep... so we forged ahead slowly and deliberately. Mackie was impressed! Of couse, she loves jumping into mud puddles, too!)

Today in Garden City, I got the free bike-shoe and sock wash, as I rode through another submerged stretch. The water was a result of "splash" - it looked to be about ankle deep, and I thought it would be best if I didn't pedal. (Don't want that water in my pedal bearings if I can help it.) So I went through with enough momentum to take me to the other side. Worked out great.

(Obviously I'm very familiar with the places I'm venturing - if I didn't have a notion of how deep it was, I wouldn't forge ahead. I can swim, but don't want to swim in 45-degree water while trying to rescue a bike that can't swim!)

In a week, everything will most likely be back to normal.

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db said...

RE: the Garden City site.

I cross Glenwood twice each day, and right now I'm using the light at Glenwood and Marigold. You can jump right back on the path on either side of that intersection while avoiding the river pedicure. I mostly avoid it, though, because I can't stand squealing brakes. Wet or dirty rims are the primary culprit for that.