Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I met a regular "Bike Nazi commenter," Bob T, for the first time Saturday, five minutes before Kevin Pavlis' funeral procession began. We rode together the 8 miles to the cemetery, and most of the way home.

Bob enlightened me about visibility.

I've taken some steps to be visible. I never ride at night (or near night) without lights. I try to wear bright or light-colored clothing. And I've got reflective stickers on my bicycle and brain-bucket. Perhaps most significantly, I always try to be where other roadway users would expect a cyclist to be.

Bob takes it a step (or a flight?) farther!

He wears a bright orange vest with dayglo reflective stripes. He has bright lights front and rear, and uses them both day and night. And he has a big slow-moving vehicle triangle on the back.

The Boise Guardian writes more, with photos, HERE.

Pretty much everybody but Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder will see Bob a'comin'!

I've gotta get me one of those vests!

What's the down-side?

As Bob and I talked (riding side-by-side only when we could do it without impeding motor traffic, by the way), he allayed my concerns that it would be too hot on those 100-degree days. He has TWO vests - the warm-weather model (mesh) and the cool-weather model that has even more reflective material!

Some would dismiss the notion of being highly-visible. It's not in keeping with the lycra cool-factor. (Not temperature wise... image-wise.) I would liken them to the "bikers" who dress in black (hard to see) leather and a "do rag," and don't wear a helmet. For some folks, the image they project is a very important consideration. More so than safety, that's for sure!

I thank Bob for the education (by example - the best way to teach). And I pass his wisdom on to any who come this way.

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