Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Boise bike fatality

It's depressing... and a little unsettling.

Another cyclist was taken out by a motorist last night. All indications are that it was the motorist's fault, and that Kevin, the cyclist, was doing everything right.

I posted some thoughts - mostly about the Statesman's story and the reader comments - on the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance forum; HERE.


bob t said...

Very sobering all of the cyclist deaths of late. Although I try to make myself as visible as possible and follow the rules of the road to the best of my ability, one can only do so much...

I'm sure that there will be a memorial ride for Kevin and I hope that there is a massive turnout, even more than the 100 or so cyclists who were there for Jim Chu.

One of my favorite quotes is attributed to General Stonewall Jackson, and recent events have caused me to take it even more to heart. I just substitute the words "on the road" for "in battle" (in a certain sense, being a cyclist on the road is similar to being in a battle).

" religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me...."

Unknown said...

i counted 118 cyclists at Jim Chu's memorial.
I heard that no charges have been filed against any of the three drivers. What does that tell us? No accountability for killing cyclists.