Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BULLETIN! Boise-area cyclists needed!

Wednesday June 24 at 5:30 p.m.
Please be at the Boise Depot.

Our Cycling communities [sic] best voice, Kristin Armstrong, will be filming a PSA about Cycling Safety on Idaho Roads.

She Needs as MANY Co-starring Cyclists as we can get to be there to help make the point that Cyclists are just members of the community. Carpenters, students, doctors, neighbors taxpayers, moms, kids, coaches etc. This means you. And pass this email on.

If you ride on Idaho roads we want you there.

Creating this PSA is one step in the solution to the tragedies that cycling families are dealing with. A Bike safety silent ride and Rally is being planned for July 6.

You can be there in Cycling clothes with your bike. Or you can come straight from your Job in your work clothes.

You can wear Fancy Team Spandex or Baggy Commuter Pants or anything else.

You can have a 30 year old 3 speed or the newest swanky Carbon Fiber Rig or other human powered rig

If you are a Cyclist Please We want you at the Depot at 5:45 On Wednesday June 24. Bring a friend.

Get there safely, ride responsibly, drive carefully. parking is limited park at the shops on Boise avenue and Walk up or at Vista Village and walk/ride over.

And thank CableOne for donating the production of the PSA

("Park at the shops on Boise Avenue or Vista Village"? What's with that? I know... that's the folks who are coming in from Nampa. The message originated with the Nampa Bicycle & Pedestrian Citizens Advisory Group. Which is pretty cool. I didn't know Nampa was so forward-thinking!)

I hope EVERYBODY can make it!

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Clancy said...

Gonna have to miss it. Waterski night(gotta use gasoline somehow)