Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June riding report

I rode on 30 days in June, accumulating 631 miles.

My highest-mile day - less than ideal circumstances - was June 20; I rode to the location of Kevin Pavlis' funeral, followed by the funeral procession to Dry Creek Cemetery, followed by the ride home from the cemetery. (On the bright side, I met and rode with Bob T... getting an in-person look at his now-celebrated visibility gear.) Later that afternoon I went on a bike adventure with granddaughter Mackie... 38+ miles total.

Which puts me comfortably over 3000 miles for 2009... and I haven't missed a riding day yet.

That does not necessarily portend a 6000-mile year. I'll be missing a week of riding in early July... riding motorcycle instead, across Montana and North Dakota for a few days. Later in the month, attending a Utah family reunion and the bike'll probably have to stay home. And in August, a week canoeing in eastern Idaho with a group of Varsity Scouts. (We did the 50-mile bike ride 20 months or so ago.) But every day bike and I are together... I'll keep putting the pedal down. Ride on!

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Anonymous said...

I am Kevin's sister, Tanya. I wanted to thank you for participating in the procession for Kevin's funeral. I wish I could personally thank and hug everyone who participated...it was so moving to walk out of the church and see the group of cyclist.
The email you wrote to the prosecutor really got my attention. I referenced your blog and then copied and forwarded the letter you wrote to the prosecutor to everyone I know; and encouraged them to email or call in and do the same.
Will you be participating in the ride to City Hall on Monday July 6th? Perhaps I will see you there.
Take Care friend,