Friday, October 10, 2008

Otter: Garden City can keep bikes off Greenbelt

The Idaho Statesman is reporting that Governor "Butch" Otter and the State Land Board have concluded that Garden City can make up the rules as it goes, with regards to the Greenbelt (defined in the rest of the community as a multi-modal path for all varieties of non-motorized traffic).

Story HERE.

"Local authorities generally are in the best position to determine public use and safety concerns. Therefore, it is Land Board policy to encourage local regulation wherever that is feasible and prudent."

So, here's a question for ya... Does this mean Garden City could also arbitrarily close other sections of Greenbelt to cyclists... or roller-bladers, or geezers using crutches, or whoever? If not... why not? Like the folks in Mayor Evans' beloved Riverside Village, the people in the new "Waterfront District" might decide that cyclists are disrupting their garden parties and frankfurter roasts. Can of worms!

I hate to see the cycling community pitted against anybody... but that's kinda how it seems to be stacking up.


db said...

I agree with the "can of worms" argument entirely.

What blows me away is how Otter and his boys can ignore the blatant conflict of interest on Evan's part. Let's see, he's the mayor (and he was on GC's Planning and Zoning committee before that), and the subdivision developer, and a subdivision resident. Nice.

Clancy said...

Hmmmm- time to play the Americans with Disability Act Card. I wonder if they will ticket somebody with a handcycle? Or if that section complies with ADA requirements for wheelchairs.

Might as well inflict some "pain" on GC and let other users reap the rewards of a nice trail.