Friday, October 24, 2008

$3 Gas - Woo-Hoo!

The road-going Car Zombies (hat-tip to Danielo) are rejoicing. Happy days are here again, as area gas prices are around $3 per gallon. (Story HERE.) Last night on the teevee news, they showed a guy pouring the not-quite-so-precious fluid into his Hummer - it only costs $75 to fill up now (for a week or so of transportation), rather than the $100 he's grown accustomed to over the summer.

Who'd-a-thunk? Gas is $3, and it brings a sense of contentment across the Fruited Plain.

(Have people given the Bush Administration their proper due? After all, a great number of folks blamed them for the upward trend we've suffered through. I'm surprised Obama and McCain and every local-yokel politician aren't taking credit for the drop. Or maybe they are.)

As usual, I don't expect my commute-cost to be affected one way or another.

Of course, some realities need to be faced.

As gas prices drop, people will take their vehicles out of mothballs and start driving more. Which will result in more congestion on the roads. (And I expect some bikes will quit showing up on the rack at the office.) Also - of course - more consumption will result in more demand, which will tend to drive oil prices back up.

Also, long term, reduced fuel prices will result in less incentive to develop alternative energy sources. (I don't forecast that happening - this drop is likely to be a temporary downward spike. By next driving season, gas is likely to be back at $4, or maybe even $4.50.)

But for now, let's enjoy, and get to consumin'! (I'm happy for the people who heat their houses with oil. Or natural gas - like me.)

My advice to you? Do not celebrate by going out and buying a new F350 4x4 dually diesel turbo super-cab Xtra Duty Paul Bunyan Edition, to drive to the office in!

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Anonymous said...

Odd... but the first time I read "across the Fruited Plain" I read it as "Fruited Palin."

I don't know why I did that. It's just odd.