Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cycling in the Spotlight

I am really enjoying the chocolate milk promotional campaign, fronted by our own Kristin Armstrong.

(The web presence can be seen HERE. There are some nice wallpaper files, etc., available.)

Sure... she's promoting chocolate milk. But she's also putting cycling out there in the public eye, in a significant way.

(Regarding chocolate milk... I've always loved the stuff. And I've always thought somebody who doesn't is probably a Communist.)

I've seen some awesomely-clever billboards around town.

Every day I ride past one at the corner of Roosevelt and Rose Hill that says:

More Throttle Per Bottle

My favorite was one I saw out on I-84 someplace. It says:

Fuel Crisis? What fuel crisis?

You go, Kristin Armstrong!

(She's probably a relative. As is Lance, most likely. I've got lots of Armstrongs from Denmark in my family tree.)


Anonymous said...

I have always openly maintained the position that I do not, and will never, trust a man who says he doesn't like chocolate.

db said...

I'd like to think that this extends to the cafe mocha, which just adds coffee to the equation. Just watch them make one at Moxy Java: they add espresso to Quik.