Thursday, October 23, 2008

Freedom Rider

One of the "excuses" I frequently hear from motorists, for their choice of transportation, is "freedom." They need the freedom that a car or SUV or truck affords, to go where they want, when they want.

As occasionally stated here, I just don't understand that mentality. I can go anywhere on a bicycle that a car can go, and any time. (Granted, if I find a unit of sheetrock at a bargain price, I can't load it up and take it with me. And I can't do my quarterly Costco run on a bike. But I seem to avoid those situations with a bit of planning.)

PLUS... here are some places I regularly go, that those poor souls in their cars just can't go.

Freedom? Sorry - I'll continue to prefer "bicycle freedom."






(Photos snapped on 10/21/2008. For larger views and download options, click on any of the images.)


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget freedom from car payments, freedom from manipulation by gasoline price fluctuation, freedom from $1000.00 routine repairs, freedom from traffic jams, etc., etc. Bikes do not, of course, enjoy the freedom from effort that so many people crave, but that's a good thing. Nice to have the freedom to choose which freedoms we enjoy. Val

Anonymous said...

I call it the illusion of addictive convenience: