Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NYC bike share - a winner!

NYC is in the process of introducing the world's largest bike share - according to this news story, registration/memberships went on sale Monday, and by 3:30pm Tuesday, 5000 people had purchased annual memberships ($103).

Membership allows riders to use a bike for 45 minutes at a stretch, without any additional charge.

Bike sharing programs are launching all over the country, and all over the world. In huge places like NYC and London, and in small places - like Aspen, Colorado.

Some movers-and-shakers want to launch a program in Boise. Their vision is relatively modest - 140 bikes at 10 or so stations. But in contrast to NYC's program, which is 100% sponsored by users and local corporations, the $650K startup cost of Boise's proposed system would be paid by the deep-pockets taxpayers in the form of government grants. I've commented HERE. (Executive summary: the startup cost of $4600 per bike seems inordinately high, and the taxpayers are already bankrupt, and Boise's demographics are far different from NYC's ... or even Aspen's.)

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