Thursday, April 11, 2013

Health: We're "older" than our parents were at the same age

Today's adults are 15 years older, in the sense of "metabolic health," than their parents were only one generation ago.

6000 adults aged 20-50 were observed over a 25-year period, and younger people were significantly more likely to be overweight or obese, and to have higher blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
- Men over 30 were 20 percent more likely to be overweight than previous generations.
- Women over 20 are twice as likely (!) to be obese, than those just 10 years ago.

The life expectancy rate has traditionally gone up as new medicines and treatments came to market, workplaces became safer, health risks have been better identified, etc. Could the kids of today be the first ones to deal with decreasing life expectancy?

What are we doing wrong?

Those who conducted the study say it's simple... we need to encourage increased physical activity and a balanced diet. For all of recorded history, we've sought good food and enough of it, and less physical labor. Now that we've gotten what we're after... it's killing us!

(One bit of good news - smoking is down. So you'll die of diabetes instead of lung cancer.)

I've been 10% or so overweight, according to the chart, since I was in junior high. My doctor says it's a non-issue since I have good blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, and get plenty of exercise. If I dropped the exercise - primarily bicycling - it would definitely have an impact on my health and/or I'd need to make significant adjustments to my diet. (I love red meat and chocolate and ice cream as much as the next guy! That's one of the reasons I'm motivated to hop on that bike every day.)

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