Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Driving to work costs $9100/year

The American Automobile Association (a pro-car group if ever there was one!) released its annual estimates on what it costs to own and operate a car. That's up from $8900 last year. The estimate includes the cost of the car itself, plus fuel, tires, insurance, and repairs.

And that's for a sedan. SUV drivers pay a premium - instead of 61 cents/mile, their transportation is 77 cents/mile. Boy howdy! Imagine what those rednecks in their $45,000 F350 Super-Duties pay for the privilege!

I figure my transportation costs at least $8000 per year less. The problem is... how do I convince the Missus that all the savings should put more foldin' money in MY pocket, from the family budget?!!

Story HERE. (It's the UK Daily Mail, so it has the "bonus" tabloid story headlines - hundreds of 'em! - along the right-hand column!)


Clancy Anderson said...

That number is fairly high and I would not consider average. They are assuming you trade in your car every 5 years and have maintenance and repairs of a 10 year old car. Still the cost of owning a car are high.

fortboise said...

Not sure what the AAA's game is, but pretty much none of those numbers add up for me, starting with 15k miles/year average. We don't drive two vehicles that much. Their insurance estimate is more than 2x what I pay, and depreciation $3,571/year? I've got a '95 and an '01 both still going well, which would give me a budget of more than $50k for my next purchase. Woot