Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Celebrity makes ass of self on bike

"Rock stars - is there anything they don't know?"
- Homer Simpson

People sit up and take notice when celebrities do stuff. And people noticed when Alec Baldwin took a spin on his bike, in NYC.

I don't know if helmets are required by law, in New York. (If not, Nanny Bloomberg has really dropped the ball, hasn't he?!!) But if you yap on your cellphone while riding... it's smart to wear a helmet. But now that I think about it, it's not too smart to yap on a cellphone while riding... so there's no reason to expect somebody who's talking on a cellphone while riding, to be smart enough to don a bucket.

The worst part - because I know it's illegal - the esteemed Mr. Baldwin is pedaling along on the wrong side of the road! That'll get you MASHED in lots of places.  Particularly if you're wrong-side riding while yappin' on your phone, and not wearing a helmet.

Fortunately for him, his arrival and intact departure, and the time in between, apparently went unnoticed by the "authorities."

Story and photo can be seen HERE.


Clancy Anderson said...

His seat is too low.

I always pull over as I found the dangers of talking and riding firsthand.

Bob T said...

It amazes me how many talented and presumably educated people can get it so wrong when it comes to riding a bike. It's not rocket science. Or is it "uncool" to do it correctly?