Saturday, May 26, 2012

New trail to nowhere

Earlier in the month, I got all twitterpated when I read about "The New 3.2" - a 3.2 mile addition to the Greenbelt "stretching from Garden city to Eagle." I wasn't able to join the big shots and dignitaries for the official unveiling during Boise Bike Week, but decided to check it out yesterday, one week later.

Pretty impressive!

As expected, the scenery was very nice. In many places, you are just feet from the river. It also goes by some big dredge ponds. It seems isolated from civilization - Chinden Boulevard is a mile or so south.

As advertised, it's packed sand and gravel. There are a couple rough spots and places where the gravel is thick and squishy, but I had no problem riding it with my semi-skinny tires.

Not as advertised, the new stretch is nowhere near 3.2 miles. It's closer to 2 miles. Nor does it "stretch to Eagle," unless they just mean the end of it is within the incorporated area of Eagle. I anticipated being able to connect with a road or path at the Eagle end... but it ends at a sign, "temporary end of trail," with jungle beyond. The only option for a cyclist is to backtrack.  Bummer!

So, at this point it's a nice recreational trail, but it doesn't enhance area bicycle transportation.











Michael Carpenter said...

Several weeks ago my wife told me that a woman in the neighborhood said that the Greenbelt goes all the way to Eagle now. We rode that trail and were disappointed that it just ends.

We did ride to Eagle on the north side of the river -- the route goes through subdivisions, some paved trail and some dirt paths -- but that would be of little use to commuters or in bad weather.

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