Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ragin' cager

I was headed for the office this morning, northbound on Americana (4-lane road with bike lanes). I had to exit the bike lane to pass a slower cyclist and to avoid a temporary road-work sign that was blocking the bike lane. I checked my rearview; there was plenty of room to safely make the move.

The driver coming up behind me apparently didn't see it that way. A woman in a red Dodge pickup truck. She laid on her horn for probably 10 seconds. Nice! And tromped on the accelerator as she went by. Then, of course, braked hard as she came up behind another vehicle at the next traffic signal.

I suspect it's her husband/boyfriend's pickup; it had a lot of dirt bike type decals on it. (But ya never know; maybe she's a dirt bike enthusiast.)

I pulled up next to the passenger window and put my hand over my heart then extended it to her. My intention was to signal to her, "I'm sorry if I inconvenienced you! Can't we all just get along?" Very Ghandi-esque.

She reciprocated by thrusting her hand in my direction, and extending her longest finger (the middle one). I'm not really very good with sign language. Doesn't that mean, "You're Number One!"?? But, she had a rather clenched-teeth expression on her face. Not really very becoming. Perhaps decaf would be a good option. I smiled and waved, and rode on up to the intersection.

As is almost always the case, we played "leapfrog" as we proceeded. She would zoom ahead with the other rabbits to the next stoplight, then I'd catch up in my slow-but-steady tortoise pace.

Cars make people mad. I s'pose I can understand it - I'd be mad if I dealt with that car stuff, too. And I bet if you asked that gal's co-workers, they'd all probably say she's really nice.


Clancy Anderson said...

I like your Ghandi gesture. I might have to try that next bike/car or even with my wife.

That section is getting the most responses via SafeLane survey. BTW there was nice writeup in the Boise Weekly about SafeLane. http://www.boiseweekly.com/Cobweb/archives/2012/05/30/new-crowdsourced-program-launched-to-improve-bike-lanes

Bob T said...

Apparently you interfered with her constitutional right to drive the speed limit in the lane of her choosing without undue hindrance. How dare you!

I would say that her actions violated  Boise City Code 10-10-14, which should have subjected her to a citation.

When riding I view every motor vehicle as a loaded weapon. When a horn is used in such a manner the weapon is being aimed in my direction.