Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bike infrastructure improvement in Boise

My friend Clancy and the Boise Bicycle Project are working on a bike-lane improvement effort that they call "Safe Lane."

Clancy: "We are trying to create a user based inventory of bike lanes that are problematic. This information will then be presented to the [ACHD] Bike Advisory Committee later this summer. The survey will run through the end of June."

The group is hoping to get as many area cyclists as possible to comment. They are setting up a booth at various bicycle and outdoor events, but there's also an online survey HERE, where you can identify your pet-peeve challenges.

I have one that immediately comes to mind. Americana Boulevard has 2 car lanes in each direction, plus a nice wide bike lane... but at one point where it goes around a bend, the bike lane peters down to 6 inches or so wide! Talk about second-class citizens! The authorities could do a much better job of striping it, to notify motorists that they're sharing space with cyclists.

 Please support this Safe Lane effort.


Clancy Anderson said...

Thanks for the nod. I also set a Facebook page/survey- http://www.facebook.com/SafeLaneAdaCounty .

Bob T said...

I believe that the ACHD is aware of the bike lane issue at that curve on Americana as they have placed a "Share the Road" sign at that location. I think it would also help if they placed sharrows there (as well as in other appropriate locations).