Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earth Day's a-comin'!!

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22. I think I'll... um, uh... go for a bike ride. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Earth is my favorite planet! (But in all fairness to the others, I haven't been to 'em and maybe they're really nice, too!)

It would be hard to add to past commentary. All that's changed is the price of gas. Well, frankly, since the economy went in the tank, Mother Earth has kinda been moved to the back burner. This might be the very last Earth Day, if the Mayans are correct.

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(Dang! Earth Hour 2012 - on March 30 - slipped right by and I didn't even do anything!! Maybe I was sleeping the whole time...)

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Bikeboy said...

I ended up riding 20 miles on Earth Day. Never saw the inside of a car. (Pretty much like 300 or so other days every year.)