Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Multi-tasking behind the wheel

This morning I was headed for the office, when suddenly a right-turning car was blocking the striped bike lane, coming up to the intersection. This despite the fact that two cars farther ahead were also turning right... but the drivers had the presence of mind to stay in the automobile lane.

Not an unusual situation by any means. Lots of motorists seem to think that the bike lane is also a right turn lane.

As I went around her I couldn't help but notice... she (the driver) was holding a fork in one hand and had a big bowl of breakfast in her lap. Salad, maybe? It's hard to say. I don't think it was Captain Crunch, because you eat Captain Crunch with a spoon.

(The folks who resist a texting-while-driving law point out, correctly so, that there are multiple ways that drivers distract themselves. And that there's a rarely-enforced Inattentive Driving law. If this lady crashed while eating breakfast, she'd likely spill it on her fashionable outfit AND get a ticket. But most folks figure if they don't crash, they're not driving inattentively.)

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