Monday, April 16, 2012

Buying bikes like you buy shoes

A week or so ago I was headed for home on my bicycle. It had sprinkled off and on that day, so I skipped the midday ride and took the "scenic route" home. (I've been doing that a lot over the past couple months.)

A guy came up next to me on his bike, at a traffic signal.

He looked my bike over and asked, "Is that your rainy-day bike?"

I replied, "It's my all-the-time bike."

He was riding a "comfort" type bike with upright bars and fenders. He said "This is my rain bike."

I said, "I'd love to have a bike for every occasion, but I can't afford that, so I've got one that will work well in most of my situations."

He said, "I'd like to have bikes like women have shoes - one for every possible occasion."

I agree! But - I'd like several color options for each of those occasions, so I could make sure the bike matches my outfit and bling!!


Clancy Anderson said...

I have a different bike for everyday of the week, but I like my main riders to be everyday bikes. Fenders are key,followed by someway to carry lunch,jacket, etc...

Alex said...

I have just the one bike - a folding bike, and it works well for me in every situation. It's great for commuting, and if it's raining hard and I'm not prepared, I can always take it home on the bus with me, or catch a ride w/someone and throw it in their trunk. Nice for longer rides too.

Bikeboy said...

Alex, I'm glad your folder is all you hoped it would be! A guy at my office rides one of those - it says PARATROOPER on it. I've admired it since the first time I saw it, and have wondered if the frame was stiff enough for every day use... apparently it is.

I've got a folding bike! But it's one of the "Dahon" style (might even be a Dahon) with small wheels. It's good for what it was designed to be - portable bike transportation - but I'd hate to go for a day-long ride on those tiny little wheels. Too bumpy, and the frame has too much flex - at least with a 240-pound guy sitting on it - for efficient pedal-to-road power conveyance.

Bikeboy said...

(I got my folder from a guy who was "practically giving it away" on the Craigslist.)

Marcus said...

1 commuter bicycle, 1 cargo bicycle, and 1 trail bike for fun in the foothills. I feel I have the "proper" amount of bicycles. I can bike camp, tour, commute in all weather, and have a little off road enjoyment....maybe one more would be nice. I hear Clancy has one or two I could borrow.