Monday, February 14, 2011

Never throw your bike at a car

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Charge filed in local bike rage incident

A Redmond cyclist is facing a felony charge following allegations that he smashed the window of a car that honked at him.

The driver told police he honked his horn after the cyclist "cut (him) off" by swerving into the roadway from the bicycle lane, a Redmond officer told the court.

[The cyclist] then chased after the car, pulling up beside the driver-side door when the car stopped for a red light, the officer continued. ... then spit on the car window, struck the side mirror and circled around the car.

As the driver attempted to pull away, the cyclist threw his bicycle at the side of the car, the officer told the court.

The cyclist later went to the police station to report road rage on the part of the driver, and claimed that he acted in self-defense. However, the damage to the vehicle indicated that the bicycle was "elevated" at the point where it hit the car, substantiating the driver's version of what went down.

Chill, dude! Yeah, we all feel like reacting when some bonehead honks for no apparent reason, but unhinged violence is never the answer.

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Bob T said...

Judging by the comments section of the story there is a lot of hate out there.