Monday, February 7, 2011

Performance Bicycle coming to Boise

I've ordered stuff from Performance Bicycle, out of North Carolina, for many years. I used to order stuff out of their mail-order catalogs before there was a WWW. And I've been aware that they had retail stores in faraway places, but I've never stepped foot in one.

That might change in April. On 4/8, they are opening a store here in Boise, in the Franklin Towne Plaza (near Cabela's).

According to them, "Every Performance store is designed as a friendly, one-stop resource where avid and beginning riders alike can easily find the bikes, equipment and gear they are looking for. Every Performance store stocks a full assortment of road bikes, mountain bikes, path and pavement bikes, women's bikes and kid's bikes."

Is that all? There are several brick and mortar "LBS" stores that already do that. I buy from Performance and Nashbar because their sale prices on tires, tubes, etc., are very good. Everything else being equal, I'll choose the LBS every time. And I'll probably remain loyal to the local stores I've patronized for years.


ZManT said...

I'll probably still go to the LBS, but I admit it will be fun to have a new shop to root around in . .

Clancy said...

LBS for me.

RAC said...

I have used Pwrformance to order specialty parts not readily available at the local shops. I am not a fan of Cabellas, no matter how many dead stuffed things they have. Unless they have that odd thing I am looking for, I will stick with the local guys.

Anonymous said...

Performance has turned out to be the best store in the valley. After being a long time Geroge's cutsomer and dealing with a lot of mishaps and poor customer service, I was willing to try Performace. They have the best prices in town, have access to just about every thing you could need, GREAT customer service, and an awesome mechanic staff. They'll chat with me about anything and are always there to help. They are all local riders and I see them at most any cycling event. Screw the LBS if they want 2 grand out of me before they give me good service. These guys share the love of bikes.