Sunday, February 13, 2011

The cost of flats

Many people tell you what kind of fancy car they'd buy, if they won the Powerball. Mercedes-Benz? Ferrari? Lamborghini? Bugatti?

If I won the Powerball, I'd hire a "pit stop guy" to be on call for immediate response when my bike needs some attention. You know - like in the Tour de France. Flat tire? My team van comes zooming up, and a guy hops out and puts a new, perfect, pre-inflated wheel on... and I'm on my way again.

(I'd likely get the fancy car, too, for "Sunday drivin'.")

I've suffered my first 2 flats of the year. One goathead, one piece of "unidentified shrapnel" on the roadway. Most likely dumped with the traction sand.

Apparently the monetary cost of flats is going up substantially. Inflation? I got a promo email from; one of their offerings was for the old-school Park flat kit.

Six bucks seems a little expensive to me. (A tube is cheaper.) But check it out - you're saving $53.99 from the sixty dollar regular price. Ouch! Ten bucks a patch!

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