Friday, November 5, 2010

Flat #19 for the year

Yesterday afternoon I got a flat.

Big deal, right?

This wasn't a goathead flat (like probably 15 of the first 18 were). I ran over what looks like a 6-penny finishing nail. Took about 3 revolutions of the wheel before it was completely flat. The nail pierced the tire and both sides of the tube. Fortunately it didn't damage the rim.

Being a pathological cheapskate, I tried to patch the tube, rather than replacing it. I should've known better. I missed one of several nail-holes... and I'd also sustained a "snake-bite" puncture, by riding over something pointy while the tire was quickly deflating.

At least it was daylight, and a lovely day. (It's no fun to patch a flat while getting rained on, in the dark.)

This flat was notable because it was the first rear-tire flat I've repaired this year, thanks to the Vittoria tires I've been using. I'm TOTALLY sold on those tires! Because I'm a cheapskate, I'll use up the other tires I have on a hook, but I think I'll buy Vittorias from now on.


db said...

There's never a good time to get a flat, but you're right, at least it was daylight and a decent temperature.

I remember changing a rear-wheel flat in the dark while it was sleeting. Such dark thoughts...

Bloom'n Shine said... I thought you would like this...