Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bicycle helmet backfires

This is a tragic story.

An Emmett 3-year-old died as a result of wearing a bicycle helmet.

He had been cycling, and didn't take his helmet off upon arriving home. Instead he headed straight for the swing set. And apparently the helmet got stuck in the set, and the strap choked the little guy to death.

I can't imagine the grief the family must be feeling. What an unfortunate and unexpected accident. My heart is heavy.

When my Princess Mackie and I go riding, we frequently stop at a playground. She's usually off the Tag-Along, and running for the swings and slides, before I can even dismount! I usually ask her to come back so I can take her bucket off. (Even though I watch her the entire time.) As a result of this tragedy, I am going to teach her to unbuckle her own helmet, and encourage her to always remove the helmet, the minute she's done riding.

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