Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Snow

The commute this morning was a bit treacherous (enough to use extra caution), but beautiful. I ventured slightly off the beaten path to enjoy the beauty and serenity.


Bob T said...

I installed the studded tires last weekend. Even so I was considering walking this morning as the temperature was just above freezing making the road conditions too difficult for me. However, by the time I left for work the temperature had fallen to well below freezing which firmed things up nicely.

Clancy said...

I took a less traveled route this morning as the bike lanes disappear with the snow and ice. Studded tires would of been nice. I have them, just need to get around to installing them. This year though instead of my Xtracycle they are going on a "new" snow bike. I bought a 1997 Scott cruiser with 4speed IGHa (internal geared hub) and roller brake up front.

Scott said...

It dropped into the mid 70s this morning in Senegal. I still sucked it up and rode in to work, though.

I got really nostalgic about cold weather watching the BSU-Fresno game.

Bob T said...

When I lived in the tropics I found that occasional temperatures in the 70's felt positively chilly once I became accustomed to 80's and 90's day and night year-round.

Meanwhile back in Boise it was 9 degrees when I left for work this morning. With the bike lanes still covered with snow and ice and no alternative routes to work "as far to the right as practicable" becomes the right tire track of the main traffic lane. I'm always a bit nervous about this, but so far have had no unpleasant incidents. In fact, last night on my way home one car followed me at 15mph for about 1/4 mile staying two car lengths back without showing any signs of impatience. Hope that this continues.

Bikeboy said...

Thanks for the commentary, everybody!

I, too, have been riding the cleared-out tire track on many occasions. I'm always happy when I'm not seeing anything of significance in my little rearview. BUT - people have been really patient.

A nice lady came up to me at the stop light this morning. She rolled down her window, and told me she admired my determination, and that she leaves her bike home when it gets below about 10 or so. (-; So far, so good!

(This morning I left the "first string" bike home, and road the fat tire beater bike.)