Saturday, November 6, 2010

1 year old

My newest bike is 1 year old today. On November 7, 2009, I threw a leg over my new Cannondale bike for the first time.

I rode her 563 miles in 2009, and I've ridden her 5683 miles in 2010, for a total of 6246 miles. Not too bad for an old fat guy. I would've had a few more miles, if I hadn't been grounded for 30 days over December and January.

Today I gave 'er a good drivetrain cleaning, and rode 21+ miles.


Bob T said...

Congratulations! How's the saddle holding up?

Bikeboy said...

Bob, the saddle is starting to look like it's a year old... but it's still plenty sturdy, and I've really enjoyed the comfort level.

The water-resistant finish seems to be holding up pretty well. I've tightened the tension screw slightly a couple times, over the 12 months.

Bob T said...

Glad to hear that you are still happy with it.

Do you know if your type of saddle would work with a more upright position on a hybrid or mountain bike?

Clancy said...


I have the Brooks Champion Flyer on my Xtracycle. It is a B17 with springs. It works well for bikes when the seat is at the same height as the handlebars or lower.

You could also try some of the saddles from Velo Orange.Model 5 would be like the Champion Flyer.
Model 8 is slightly wider.

Bikeboy- I am surprised you have tighten your saddle. My Brooks I have tighten only once in 2 plus years.

Bikeboy said...

Clancy, my saddle is packing a heavier load!

(In retrospect, I've probably only tightened the tension 2 times - when I first got the saddle and "dialed it in," and once since.)

Bob T said...

Thanks for the advice, Clancy. I will probably need to replace my saddle within the next 6-12 months and the Brooks Champion Flyer appears to be ideal for the type of riding that I do.

Can you suggest a local and/or internet supplier for this item?

Clancy said...

Bob, I have bought a Brooks at Georges downtown but did not pay their retail price. I negotiated for a fair (not Cheap) price as I wanted to support their shop and spend a store credit I had.

Your best bet though is to order online as most shops in town may not carry a Brooks Flyer. I purchase mine from as they had competitive prices. Wallbike is a Brooks expert so look there to. Other than that Google Search shows prices ranging from $99-130.

Bob T said...

Thanks again, Clancy. I've placed the saddle on my Christmas wish list so we'll see what happens!