Thursday, November 11, 2010

Safety Warning

To my fellow leisurely bicyclists: Please keep in mind that we're sharing the road with people in cars and trucks and SUVS who, unlike us, are very very busy, with important schedules to keep. That's why they're forced to multitask - you know - drive with their knees while jockeying a large coffee in one hand and a cell phone in the other hand.

And this time of year - sometimes their vehicles have frost on the windows, at least in these parts. Due to their extremely busy schedules, these folks don't have time to scrape those dad-blame windows - they've gotta run! They have the skills to safely navigate while peering through a tiny peep-hole, with phone in one hand and coffee in the other... as long as you stay out of their way. Let's not slow them down - PLEASE - they're busy!

Why just this week, a schoolgirl here in Boise was smacked by a guy in his frosted-up car, as she rode her bike through a crosswalk. (Story HERE.) What a thoughtless child! She's lucky that poor driver wasn't injured! (In seriousness, it's hard to say if her crossing in a crosswalk played a role. Motorists aren't expecting relatively fast-moving bike traffic where they might be expecting pedestrians. She probably would've been safer carefully navigating the traffic lane. Of course, the sidewalk - or in your house - is safer than sharing the road with frosted-windshield motor vehicles.)

LET'S BE CAREFUL! We are obviously sharing the road with some very thoughtless folks, who figure they're willing to take calculated risks in their harness-and-airbag equipped steel chariots.

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