Monday, March 15, 2010

Weirdness redux

Last year, I commented that I'd completed 1000 miles for the year on March 13... and it was weird because despite the unpredictability of the first 6 weeks or so of the year, "almost every year I hit the 1000-mile mark in a 3- or 4-day window (2nd week of March)."

This year - March 14th.

This despite the fact that I took an involuntary hiatus that went 12 days into 2010. It's not like I'm planning it!

As Homer Simpson famously said, "There's so much I don't know about astrophysics... I wish I'd read that book by that wheelchair guy."


Unknown said...

I dont see a place to email you so I hope you view your comments! I am a young mom of 3. I have two bike trailers so when my Hubby is able to go with we can hook a bike trailer to each bike and were good. The problem comes when I need to go while DH is at work. Is there a way to hook two trailers together? Or do you know of bike trailers that are longer to accomidate 3-6 kids? I realize it would be long but the only way I can ride to where I need to go. Just a note for clarification my boys are 3,2, and 1 so them riding independantly isnt an option.

Bikeboy said...

Hi, Wanita.

I have occasionally seen a "train" of 2 bike trailers. (If you're the locomotive, that could be quite the workout, if you're riding uphill or into the wind!) You could probably "jerry rig" something on the front trailer, to enable you to hook up a second. I'd definitely try to use the FRAME of the trailer for strength. And I'd try to avoid hills, etc., as much as possible so you don't tax those brakes too hard.

I've seen Danielo pulling two trailers before - one with his son in it, the other a cargo trailer. Maybe he could provide some EXPERIENCED wisdom.

(My little princess turned 3 in January, and I'm shopping for a 12-inch bicycle for her. But you're right - even if she were physically able to pedal, she doesn't have the judgment skills to mix with other pavement users at this point.)

Oh - I've got an email address posted, on the "about this blog" link. But it's deliberately somewhat hidden; too many goofballs out there who think anybody with an email address is eager to buy whatever it is they're sellin'.

Clancy said...

How about using a child seat for the youngest. I have heard good things about the Bobike seats.

Double trailering is possible and depends on your hitch configuration on the trailers. Somehow you need to clamp an extra hitch to the rear of one trailer slightly off center.

Scott said...

I've seen BOB trailers daisy chained together, but they're not really set up for kids (Unless you're clever with the child seat.).

I agree with Clancy. A seat on the rear cargo rack could carry one. They also make front seats, but I haven't seen them in the US. In Holland you see moms with kids in front and back, plus groceries, a dog, and an armful of flowers, while yakking on a cell phone. But they don't have hills and their bikes are designed differently than ours. Unless you want to pony up for a bakfiets?

Bikeboy said...

Scott - I saw a guy riding down Warm Springs one day with one of those Bakfiets! Or something functionally identical, with the "stretch cargo front end." It was set up for passenger - kids, I assume - with a "convertible top."