Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bike Utility Trailer

The Burley Travoy looks pretty interesting, for a cargo trailer.

I just happened across it while doing a little web crawling. It looks to be adjustable to fit any bike with a seatpost - pretty much all of 'em. It doubles as a hand truck. It folds up teeny-tiny when not in use. And with various optional bags and racks, it can carry a wide variety of oddball-shaped stuff.

Might be just the thing for my friend Tom, who was lamenting that there's no easy way for him to load his golf bag on his Bob trailer.

More photos of the Travoy in various deployments can be seen HERE.

(I don't believe it's available for retail purchase yet, but it looks like it's ready to rumble.)


Clancy said...

Wike Trailer has a lot of different trailer designs and one looks very similar. They also have a golf version.

This one is a bike trailer and golf caddy combo.

Marrock said...

While it is interesting I don't see it replacing my much loved BoB any time soon.

Eric Hanson said...

The urban trailer system (Travoy) will be available at your local bike shop or online at the beginning of May.

Thanks for the post!

Bikeboy said...

Update: Tom looked it over and said not only could he ride TO the golf course, but if he was on the fat-tire bike, he could ride the course on it with clubs in tow, rather than renting a golf cart.

(Aren't golf carts for girly-men? I thought they were for the guys who've forgotten how to walk. But I'm totally unfamiliar with the sport, 'cept for what I read about that Tiger guy...)