Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Portland: Sewers or Bike Boulevards?

Last month I commented on the proposal over in Portland, to spend $600 million in the next 10 years to make (or keep) it the most bike-friendly place in the universe.

They approved the plan... all that remained was to find the $600 million. (You'd think the Feds could pony up such a measly amount!)

Well... there's been a development.

In an effort to jump-start the program, Mayor Sam Adams has proposed diverting $20 million of sewer money.

The Sewer people argue that the money would be better used to reduce sewer rates, and to keep overflow from spilling into the Willamette River. Ya gotta love this quote from the story: "... Building so-called Bike Boulevards is 'not a core component of sewer service and should not be funded by rate payers.'"

Story HERE.

The City Council votes on the plan March 17; the Sewer Board votes on March 18.

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