Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So... why do dogs

... hang their head out the car window?

Cyclists understand that.


Scott said...

Truer words are seldom spoken. One of the great pleasures in life missed by motorists is the scents around them. Freshly-cut hay. Manure (I never minded the mild scent of manure. I suppose it can be overpowering if you live next to a dairy or something.)
Water. Sage in bloom. An aspen grove. Lilacs. A rain storm on the horizon. Orchards. A wall of jasmine-perfumed air. We as cyclists take it all in. Motorists don't know what they're missing.

Bikeboy said...

Preach it, Brother Scott!!

My two personal favorites:
- a freshly-mowed alfalfa field.
- spearmint nearing harvest time. (That's gotta be what it smells like in Heaven.)

Oh, and sometimes when I'm riding home after work, I'll catch a whiff of some juicy meat cracklin' on a grill someplace nearby.

(I've gotta think those dogs are also enjoying that blast of air, independent of the olfactory benefits.)

Clancy said...

Donny Macks on the way home always smells good.

Bikeboy said...

Yes it does, Clancy. (Maybe I should've lived in a trailer park!)

scott said...

Ah, yes. Burning cow/pig/chicken flesh on the BBQ.

And the onion fields in eastern Washington.

Scott said...

There's a little Mexican greasy spoon I ride by on my way home. In all honesty, it doesn't smell that good when I'm just out and about, but when I go by it on my way home from work, I've already ridden 31 miles. Then it smells like ambrosia.