Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ankle-deep Snow

I had mixed emotions this morning about my transportation, as I trudged the few blocks to the bus stop.

On the one hand, it's pretty nice to be in a big sturdy bus with a professional driver, as motorists with widely varying skill levels negotiate the slippery roads.

But on the other hand, I love "powder cycling" in freshly-fallen snow. Even if it's slow going... and even though those same drivers are sharing space.

Not many bicycles out today... although if I'd been riding, I would've seen that I wasn't the first rider in most cases. (It's pretty rare to not see any bike tracks at all... unless you get up with the dairy farmers.)

Speaking of dairy farmers, even this guy's John Deere cruiser bicycle looked to be socked in for the day. (Photo snapped in downtown Boise, as I walked from the bus stop to the office.)


Clancy said...

I skipped work today, so no bike riding. I took part of the festivities down at the H-bowl. What a great win for Idaho.

Bikeboy said...

Wow, you said it, Clancy!

My boss is a diehard Vandal, and took off work early to watch the game. When I was riding the bus home, I told the driver, "People at the game probably had to scoop snow off their cold aluminum seats, but at least the sun is shining." (I've attended a couple pretty miserable H-Bowls over the years.)

The 6 o'clock news reported 8 seconds left, with Bowling Green up by a touchdown. (We were headed out the door at the time.) What a surprise to turn on the car radio and discover that the Vandals had won! (I hope the boss didn't leave early!)

db said...

I rode, and the morning ride was an absolute blast. The ride home, though, with a lot of slush and water on the road, was a messy grind. Even the greenbelt was a choppy, footprint-infested mess.