Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New bike review on

I celebrated the 500-mile mark by writing a review of my new bike, and posted it on the website - HERE.

I like Epinions, because it's real reviews by real consumers. I've gotten valuable information there. (Of course, reviews by "real consumers" are a mixed bag. I'd say a large percentage of the reviews posted at range between grammatically flawed and unreadable. But... I better be careful! After all, I may be inviting readers to read my review with a particularly critical eye!)

Is 500 miles enough experience to write an in-depth review? Probably not. But it's probably enough to give me a very accurate first impression of the product... and I can always go back and add some notes a year or two later if it turns out the new bike is a real lemon!


bob t said...

Nice review. I hope that your enjoyment of the new bike has somewhat lessened the pain of losing the old one.

Bikeboy said...

Bob T, in retrospect I'm not nearly so bitter, from a personal/selfish standpoint.

Unless it has a huge negative impact on my homeowners' insurance rate, look at it this way...

I paid $500 and "traded" my 8-year-old bicycle for a $2k-plus bicycle right off the showroom floor! (And it's a FACT that the Missus wouldn't have seen the wisdom in my getting a shiny new bike, so I was content with the old one.)

From a larger view, however, it's unfortunate that we live in a society where some folks apparently think it's acceptable to steal someone else's hard-earned property. The thief is part of the problem, not part of the solution.