Friday, December 11, 2009

Tire lever warranty?

I was shopping for some tire levers. You know, for repairing flat tires.

I found some on the $3.75... not too bad.

Optionally they offer a "2-Year Replacement Plan" for $5.99. Is it worth $6, to have the peace of mind? (Hahahaha!)

(I ended up getting some Pedro's levers - very sturdy looking - at the REI. Guaranteed forever.)


Unknown said...

maybe.. I've snapped more than a couple tire levers...

db said...

I have snapped some in the past, but I have not broken any of the Pedro's levers. I have probably 3 pair among the bikes, and they are pretty stout.

See them here.

I have a pair like those Kool Stop ones as well, in my toolbox at home. I rarely use them, as they are thinner and seem more likely to snap.

Bikeboy said...

I bought 2 pairs of the Pedro's levers - at REI - in Hot Pink! Yowzah! That should fix me for levers for the duration... unless I lose 'em. (Thus the Hot Pink...)